Allu Arjun Hits It Straight On Heroes

At a time when everyone is criticizing stylish star that he banked a lot on Brahmanandam to score success, the clarity our young hero gives about it is literally mind blowing. Responding over last 15 minutes hilarious show of Brahmi as 'Kill Bill Pandey' in 'Race Gurram', Bunny made interesting comments.

'Everyone has to eat his share, why should a hero eat everything?' asks Bunny, hitting straight on the heads of heroes who wants to be show stealers. 'Many commented that Brahmi has taken show at the end, but we have planned it in that way to happen. I'm happy the way it happened', he adds, supporting director Surender Reddy's idea. 'Also many say that Bunny carried the whole movie on his shoulders and that is wrong. Truth is that director Surender Reddy made us act that way', he stresses, giving utmost preference to his director and crediting him with Race Gurram success.

On a whole, Bunny laid emphasis on directors rather calling heroes as sole selling points of a film. Probably this clarity will win him hearts of many star directors and some good projects indeed. - See more at: