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Allu Arjun blames media over breathalyzer test

Reacting on the Drunk and drive test , Allu Arjun blames a section of media for showing him in bad light for editing some part of the video. Interestingly the upload video has been removed by youtube.

Allu Arjun posted,
To whomsoever it may concern,

Regarding the police stopping my car video, this is what happened that night.

The police did ask me to blow into the breathalyzer but I said I was a little uncomfortable with all the cameras at me. Once they were taken away, I did take the test and was let go by the police.

And I donít think Hyderabad police will leave anyone, caught drunk driving without proper action. The video is being circulated without this part. So stop this negative propaganda.

Even if I have a few drinks I always walk back or ask someone to drop me off or take a taxi or an auto. Itís very disrespectful to see one of the media groups to leak the video and be edited in such a wrong patt