Allu Arjun

Allu Sirish Fires On Media

Allu Sirish, whose maiden film Gouravam opened to poor reviews and lackluster response from critics, was quick to take revenge on media. After media mistook Allu Sirish for other person in recent brawl at a night club, Sirish has clearly took his vengeance on media. His tweets say it all.

Sirish posted a series of four long tweets on his micro-blogging page twitter:
1. "Some drunk people have a brawl at a night club & some news channels drag my name just bcoz I visited that place earlier."
2. "I have no clue who, what, why. I'm at home & suddenly have ppl calling me that my name\'s on the news channels."
3. "The mgmt of the club & cops clarified dat its a mistaken identity & I have nothing 2 do with it. Wish media acted more responsibly."
4. "As somebody's reputation is at stake. The accusations were made on the headlines & clarification only on the scrolling news bar. Sad!" (sic)

The one thing Sirish should learn is such things happens and a celeb should be open to accept such incidents. As media has no time like a filmmakers who sketch their stories for years. Of course, media should be careful and cross check thrice. But, the main problem is if media tries to contact the film personalities, they won't respond in time unlike political and other persons. And there is no point in responding after the climax. At least film celebs should respect journalists hereafter and respond in time as they're helpless if you don't reply to them. Hope our young hero understands!