Allu Arjun

Big fight between Bunny-Shruti

It is common to hear about heroines having cat fights or issues between heroes and directors or directors and cinematographers but a new fight reportedly took place between Allu Arjun and Shruti Haasan. Both are working together for the new film ‘Race Gurram’ and the shooting is happening at Switzerland.

According to sources, the song shooting is happening but the fight we are talking about is not as serious as is being thought. This was actually a snow fight which reportedly happened. It is heard that Shruti led a team while Bunny led a team and in this snow fight match it was Bunny’s team which reportedly won.

‘Race Gurram’ is directed by Surendar Reddy and this is slated to be an action packed tale. There are also reports that Shruti is down with a bout of flu but she is not compromising on the shooting part. As long as the fights are fun it doesn’t matter how many times they get into it. Mixing work with pleasure always helps.