Allu Arjun

Heroines bad sentiment about Allu Arjun?

An opportunity to work with the hero of mega family means career is set for the next two to three years as minimum two films in big banners will come for sure. But it is heard that some heroines are hesitating to work with Allu Arjun though the offer is tempting. The reason for that is a sentiment they are noticing.

Over the years, Allu Arjun has scored few hits but the fate of his heroines has been bad. Right from his debut film ‘Gangotri’, Bunny has paired up with many heroines like Aditi Agarwal, Bhanusri Mehra, Sheela, Catherine, Deeksha Seth and others. But none of them really picked up in their careers and became successful heroines.

For that matter, even top heroines like Kajal Agarwal and Tamannah tasted big flops when they paired up with Bunny in films like ‘Arya 2’ ‘Badrinath’ respectively. With this, it is heard that Allu Arjun is becoming more like an iron leg for heroines. Let us wait and see if his next film ‘Race Gurram’ will change their perception.