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‘I am that change’ short film Review

Allu Arjun and Sukumar’s short film, ‘I am that change’ has been released on eve of Independence day , this special short film has been produced by Allu Arjun.

Speaking to media He said, Being a top producer’s son, a star hero and with money, I struggled to produce this short-film. It’s no joke. Now I understood the hard work these short film makers are putting in. I sincerely bow down to short filmmaker’s passion’.

Coming to shot film, Sukumar has come with a routine concept and shot it in two days. The concept is simple , just to make people to do their duties rightly.

A traffic constable , who was supposed to take bribe. A student , who was supposed to copy exam. A small kid , who doesn’t care to thrown cool drink can in dustbin. A star hero (Allu Arjun) , who tries to walks directly into a happening place without security check..All these realises responsibilities and later execute them correctly .

Sai Karthik is the music director and Amol Rathod is the cinematographer. The short film has a message from Bunny stating that, “Carrying Out responsibilities is also a kind of patriotism “. Overall the concept was very simple and not so touching at all.