Race Gurram Mini Review

Lucky(Allu Arjun) is a tapori type person who always gets himself engaged with street fights, where as his brother Ram(Shyam) is a sincere Police Officer. Ram trace out some criminal activities carried out by a minister and prepares a confidential file and keeps it in his car.

Without any knowledge about the documents, Lucky takes his brotherís car for a ride and Ministerís goons manage to rob the car from our hero. By Interval, Lucky finds that ministerís conspiracy to kill his brother. To save his brother Lucky joins the ministerís gang. Allu Arjun convinces minister that Ram interfered in his personal love life that made him to turn against his own brother. Finally he saves his brother, while Spandana( Shruthi Haasan) is Luckyís love interrest and doesnít have any significant role. Athanu ante naku pichií dialogue by shruthi hasan by seeing pawan kalyan got a tremendous response.

Movie has a regular plot with good content of comedy and the songs & Dannce are said to be hilights, Bramhi entered as kill bill pandey rocks . Pretty average 1st half. 2nd halfís last 20mins is good. Overall one time watch. Cinematography & bgm are good. Songs picturisation is different. Editing is not upto mark. Rating :- 3 to 3.5