Allu Arjun

What's wrong with Iddarammayilatho climax?

The release of Iddarammayilatho hs been postponed quite a number of times due to various factors. While some say, it's the delay in shoot or post-production. Few others blame it on the ongoing IPL season. The latest version in circulation is nothing but the defects in the film itself.

If the sources are to be believed, all is not well with the final outcome of Iddarammayilatho. After watching the final cut in the editing room, Bunny seems to be unhappy with the way the climax has been shot and asked for a re-shoot. Then came the trouble-shooter 'Puri' who convinced the actor saying audience will be always ready to accept new concepts and asked him not to worry much until the release.

Sources say, Bandla Ganesh breathed a sigh of relief after the cancellation of re-shoot plans as such developments would cost him at least a couple of crores.

Iddarammayilatho is going to have a huge release worldwide on May 31st. We could be judgemental only after watching the film as these reports are heard in the media circles, not from any official sources. Let's wait for the right time to decide what's the actual truth!