Allu Arjun

why is Allu Arjun called Bunny?

Its quite common , every individual as a sweet pet name and celebrities are not exceptions.

M.S. Raju is called Honey
Director Parusuram of Sarocharu is called as Bujji
Mahesh Babu is called Nani
Ram Charan is called Cherry
Allu Arjun is called Bunny
Anushka Shetty is Sweety Shetty
Shraddha Das is called Maku
Naveen Babu Ghanta is called Nani(eegafame)

Stylish star Allu arjun has a special reason to be called as Bunny. Bunny was the name till he joined school. His family fondly called him Bunny and during school admission, they realised he needed a proper name and His dad Allu Aravind then named him Allu Arjun.