Mahesh Babu

Aagadu makerís counter to negative publicity Seems like Mahesh Babuís upcoming action-comedy entertainer ĎAagadu Ď filmmakers 14 Reels entertainments are worried about the negative talk of the film, especially that comedian Brahmanandamís comedy hasnít worked out in the film.

The makers immediately on war footing decided to refute all these reports published by webmedias. They have issued a statement that ďBrahmanandamís entry will be in the second half in ĎAagaduí .. Full length hilarious role ď. The Character names in the film are as follows Encounter Shankar ( Mahesh ) Ė Tiffin Center Saroja ( Tamannah ) Ė Dilli Babu ( Brahmi ) .

For the first time, 14 Reels has taken the negative publicity so serious to issue such a statement to bring confidence among buyers and Mahesh Fans . Meanwhile, Buzz that, Bharamanadam is donning a role of Political broker role in the film. And Rao Ramesh dialogues in the Aagadu theatrical trailer has been re-edited.