Mahesh Babu

Aagadu targets 50 crore in 12 days Mahesh Babuís upcoming film Aagadu has two biggest advantages , The first one is , it will release on 1500 Screens Worldwide. This will be Highest Screens ever for Mahesh Babu and Telugu Cinema. And the second advantage is Dasara Holidays.

The Telangana government has officially announced Dasara Holidays from 23rd September to 5th October. While Aagadu is releasing on 19th sept , will take full advantage of these holidays.

From sept 19th to Sept 30th, Aagadu will definitely have a dream run at box office with these holidays to be the extended weekend. It means that Aagadu will have no competition at least for 12 days. Even if the talk of the film is Average, its not going to affect the film in any kind for these 12 days. If everything goes well, Aagadu might collect at least 50 crore share in these 12 days.