Mahesh Babu

Agadu special show review update Agadu first half review update Superstar Mahesh Babuís ĎAagaduí has released worldwide today with the early morning special shows. Here are live updates of the film for myfirstshow viewerís currently first half of this film has been completed. Comedy episodes between Mahesh Babu and Posani are good. Mahesh Babu is the major highlight of the film so far, the production values are good and Dialogues are ok. The film is going on with routine story with Mahesh babuís superb punch dialogues. Keep watching this space for the complete movie review.

Agadu Second half review update Superstar Mahesh Babuís Aagadu early morning special show has been just completed, Srinu Vytla who always keeps focused on story has completely missed this time. The first half of the film is ok but the entire second half has been spoofed on his earlier films with retinue Bramanadam comedy. Once again, story and narration of the film is routine and the director has completely based on the craze of Mahesh Babu Overall the film is average to below average.