Mahesh Babu

Illusions haunting Nenokkadine makers 14 reels entertainments known for their creative ideas in marketing their films by implementing new strategies to market their flop film.

Mahesh Babu’s latest film 1 Nenokadine is made with a concept of illusion, where the hero thinks as if someone is going to kill him and he starts killing them.

The makers of the film seems to have not come out from the hangover of Mahesh previous films success with Mahesh and they are still in illusions that ’1' film is blockbuster and have started airing trailers claiming that film is super hit. But the fact that, 1 Nenokkadine has bitted dust at BO and these makers are not in a mood to admit this fact. They still belive that the movie has chances to become a super hit film.

They have come up in projecting 1 Nenokkdine’s USA collections which has crossed $1 Million mark to claim it a superhit and these USA figures are not good as far the rights of the film is concerned . But the makers are desperate to the call the film a Super Hit based on their illusions.