Mahesh Babu

Kona Venkat fires a salvo at Sreenu Vaitla If the fight between fans of various actors over the teaser wasn’t enough, writer Kona Venkat made a dramatic entry into the slugfest, which left Mahesh Babu’s fans stunned. “Kontha Mandhi Sontha panini pakkana petti pakka valla meedha ekkuva focus peduthuntaaru…. thwaraga out focus ayyedhi kooda velle (Some people keep their work aside and focus on others. Such people will be the first to go out of focus),” the writer posted on his official page.

While he didn’t quite explicitly take on the film or name it, it is widely believed that the writer fired a salvo at director Sreenu Vaitla. Last year, the two had a fall-out over who should be given credit for a story. Back then, Kona Venkat is believed to have said, “A lot of big directors in the industry don’t even know the spelling of ‘screenplay’. In fact, screenplay is the ‘rowdy vasool’ a story writer has to pay a filmmaker these days. This is the reason behind writers becoming directors. It’s their loss after all.”