Mahesh Babu

Mahesh cutout controversy : Fan jumps into river Production house 14 Reels entertainment known for its unique publicity and hyping the film to the peaks before release , has chose controversial way to make their upcoming film Aagadu, to stay in headlines.

Buzz that, As part of publicity, Mahesh fans made huge arrangements for decorating the theaters and erecting cutouts in important centers. In Vijayawada near the Alankar theatre, a huge cutout of Mahesh Babu about 100 feet has been erected. But, due to objections and complaints , the municipal authorities have decided to remove the cutout as the prior permission for erecting the cutout in the center was not taken by the fans and There is a High Tension line, if the cutout accidentally falls , it may lead to an tragic incident , was the reasons quoted by municipal authorities.

Meanwhile, Mahesh fans in huge numbers gathered to agitate against removing the cutout, One of the Die hard Mahesh Babu fan in Vijayawada jumped into the krishna river for removing the cutout. Mahesh fans questioned, There was no objection for last 40 years, Why there is an objection this year? . They requested, CM Naidu to give orders on this cutout controversy. They raised slogans against government.