Mahesh Babu

Mahesh floors fans with his Twitteraction Tollywood Super Star Mahesh Babu has taken time to answer to his twitter followers questions. The actor appealed to people an hour before and by 6 he was all ready to shoot answers to fans questions. He first tweeted:

Let's talk about Srimanthudu. 6 days for the release, hectic press meets and excitement in the air. #AskSrimanthudu The hastag #AskSrimanthudu soon started trending by his fans.

Mahesh was dot time to start answering to fans Q's. and his spontaneity to answer to even the quirkiest questions floored his fans. Here are some of the best tweets, we thought, by the super star for you all:

Q: @urstrulyMahesh did Sitara start speaking Telugu ? #AskSrimanthudu ... How does it feel when she calls you NANNA
Mahesh's reply: She speaks fluent Telugu and it feels exhilarating to hear her

Q: @urstrulyMahesh as fans we want at least 2 movies in a year. Can we expect it to be fulfilled for this year. #AskSrimanthudu
Mahesh's reply: Guys, I'm trying really hard.. hope it works out that way.

Q: @urstrulyMahesh Can we expect a movie with 3 generations of ur family lyk #Manam-Krishna garu, u, Gautam&Sitara(Guest role)#AskSrimanthudu
Mahesh's reply: If a good script comes along, then why not.

Q:@urstrulyMahesh How does it feel getting soo much love from fans? #AskSrimanthudu
Mahesh tweeted: Blessed :)

Q: @urstrulyMahesh #AskSrimanthudu sir ur advice to students ???
Mahesh tweeted: Watch #Srimanthudu

After half an hour of tweeteraction with followers. Mahesh thanked all posting: Thank you, love you and signing off! This was fun. Too bad I couldn't get to all the questions..