Mahesh Babu

Mahesh promised during 'Arjun' ? Impressed with the trial shoots on the sets of 'Arjun', superstar Mahesh Babu reportedly promised to his friend and director Gunasekar, that would like to do the pivotal role of Kakatiya warrior Gonaganna Reddy, on the sets of their film 'Arjun' few years ago. We all know that the ace director has erected a opulent Madurai Meenakshi Temple set for the film but very few know, that during the breaks, the director used to do some trial shoots for his pet project 'Rudramma Devi' with Smitha Madhav who played sita role in Gunasekar Balaramayan was supposed to play Rudrama Devi, but later she dropped out for marriage, since by then, the director had full-bound script of the Kakatiya Queen on hand.

Instead of taking rest, the director used to work hard to capture some good moments in the artistic sets and Mahesh Babu who got to know of it, summoned Guna for a brief chat. When, he listened to the captivating historical story line and particularly about this special character Gonaganna Reddy, he instantly promised to director, that would like to 'play that role', whenever the director would make the dream movie.

At last, Gunesekar began his dream project few months ago and midway approached Mahesh and reminded him about the role of fearless senathipathi and the discussions have been fruitful and even Mahesh re-collected his 'promise' he made to the director. However, the actor who is tied up with films like 'One' and 'Agadu', had to spare a good number days, for this role, so he is trying hard to accommodate, Rudramma Devi, into his scheme of things. In fact, the actor, is grateful to director Gunasekar who made him a star material with smashing hit 'Okkadu' and got him the 'larger-than-life' image, which has made him a superstar overnight. Now, its time for the actor to return the favour by keeping up his word and give the director who also turned a producer, a much-needed blockbuster.