Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu’s response on Flop result Is Actor Mahesh Babu upset with Aagadu result?. Mahesh , who always take an active role in promoting his films by tweeting on social media, attending events to address press and promote his films, by giving special interviews to print and electronic media , attending chat shows on TV, promoting on FM radios and attending other promotional events. Now seems to be upset after Aagadu release .

Earlier in an interview to TV9, He said, Flops would definitely affect him . He further said , He would become very upset and doesn’t talk to anyone or even come out of his house, when a film is flopped. He said, those who say that ‘Flops does not affect them’ is utterly false statement. He said , He takes the flop result very personally , However He would be very happy if the film is a Hit.

He went on to say that, when a film is a flop, everybody including distributors, exhibitors will lose money , Its a very sad situation. It takes time to come out of that, may be one week or 10 days.