Mahesh Babu

Sreenu Vaitla face embarrassment on Sakshi ‘Live In’ program Mahesh Babu’s ‘Aagadu’ director Sreenu Vaitla faced embarrassment while taking part in a ‘live in’ program on Sakshi television Channel..

Vaitla without any hesitation said, Aagadu has created all time records in Nizam, Ovease, Guntur, West Godavari and East Godavari. He said the movie came after super hit film like Dookudu with high expectations .

Vaitla tried to explain that Dookudu and Aagadu are two different films and have no similarities in any means. He said, The first half is totally fresh and the second half might have one or two scenes which are similar to Dookudu. He Said, Aagadu has collected 1 million on day one creating all time record.

Vaitla received appreciation as well as criticism from the callers, Mahesh fans president Kadar Gori appreciated Srinu Vaitla for making a blockbuster film. Another caller , who claims himself as die-hard Mahesh fan named shiva without any second thoughts said, “What sir? ,Why you have disappointed Us? . The film was like watching Dookudu in DVD”. He Further said, He is a fan of Mahesh Babu and his friends are Pawan Kalyan fans and said . The film is not to their expectations. He also said, “I am unable to raise my head and stand proud in front of my friends”

One more caller Sai from Karimnagar said, “First half is like Gabbarsingh and second half is like dookudu”. He further posed questions to the director to say , ” I have doubt, Can’t you make films without Brahmanandam and Why your film stories always revolve around Brahmanandam.

Reacting this , Vaitla said, Some people are wantedly calling to criticize the film and branded them as anti fans.