Mahesh Babu

Story of Mahesh Babu's film is out Much closer to the release and a source who watched Mahesh Babu's much-hyped '1 Nenokadine', reveals that T-town star is reprising the most 'complex' role of Hollywood star Harrison Ford, since director Sukumar has rehashed Hollywood blockbuster 'Frantic', a 1988 released American-French mystery thriller, directed by Roman Polanski and not a rip-off of 'Bourne Identity' as reportedly earlier.

Briefly, Mahesh visits London for a conference and loses his lover Kirti from the hotel room and rest is all about how he tracks her down and finds a big conspiracy behind it. Unable to find her after meeting a cab driver, hotel and other spots, he even begins to believe that lover was just an imagination and loses his balance of mind, but with small clue, he recovers his past. (Like in the original, as Dr. Richard Walker (Harrison Ford),a surgeon who visits Paris with his wife Sondra for a medical conference and while walker is taking a shower, his wife mysteriously disappears from their hotel room).

So Mahesh is actually stepping into the big shoes of legendary actor Harrison Ford in a very challenging and gripping role and source claims that Mahesh has done a fabulous job as a desperate lover and could down as one of the best roles of his career after 'Okkadu', 'Athadu'.