Mahesh Babu

Vaitla’s extra intelligence proves wrong Director Srinu Vaitla, one of the top directors of the Telugu film industry with good success track record , is in talk for using his extra intelligence in making Aagadu film starring Mahesh Babu.

Normally, 24 frames are needed for one second of film. But Srinu Vaitla for a race pace in the film ,made the film in 22 frames instead of normal 24 frames.

When the moving picture is displayed, each frame is flashed on a screen for a short time and then immediately replaced by the next one. Since the dialogue delivery of Mahesh is fast than other artist, he also asked other to speak in same pace.

This has lead racey pace of the film despite the duration of the film was 2 hours 40 minutes. However, the audience felt very unforgettable as the dialogues of Mahesh was too fast and in some place the blur effect has also disturbed the audience attention.