Mahesh Babu

Mahesh’s 6-pack body as a special attraction There was lot of buzz about Mahesh babu’s One- Nenokkadeni in T-tinsel, whether Mahesh will show his toned body or not.

Mahesh has hired a Hollywood fitness trainer to toned his body to make it a 6-pack body. But nothing has filmed as such till now.

Although director sukumar tried to convince Mahesh babu to take of his shirt but the shy hero refused and said he would do only after the movie becomes a block buster.

The makers are planning to en-cash Mahesh’s 6-pack body first look adding it as a special attraction after 4 weeks run . This scenes will come in climax action sequence for few seconds. 1-nenokkadeni is heading for audio launch on Nov 22 and release on January 9th.