Mahesh Babu

Mahesh disappointed with Nenokkadine teaser Prince Mahesh Babu's upcoming entertainer Nenokkadine directed by Sukumar is nearing completion. Sometime back the film's teaser created a sensation on internet. The teaser got 20 lakhs with in two days. However youtube analyst found out that the teaser's clicks are faked. Youtube management removed the teaser much to the shock of filmmakers.

Many say with no information from the youtube management, Mahesh's record is evaporating. Though 14 Reels banner lodged a complaint with cyber crime officials and youtube management and even they tried to bring the culprits to book and punish them they met with little success.

Now with no head way in investigation, interest on one is evaporating. But one day or the other truth will be out from youtube management. Sources say even Mahesh Babu is disappointed with the fake response to Nenokkadine teaser.