Baadshah war with Babu finally ends

Seems like, the Nandamuri and Nara war in Telugu Desam has finally ended. TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and NTR who were at loggerheads since few months are said have joined hands keeping partyís future in mind.

NTR is back to pavilion after series of controversies and political dramas. According to reliable sources, NTR called Chandrababu Naidu on his birthday. He has not just wished Chandrababu, but pledged his support to Chandrababu and party.

Further, NTR is likely to attend a massive public meeting in Visakhapatnam on April 27 , organised to mark the end of Chandra babuís ongoing padayatra , which will complete 3000 km . Balakrishna and other Nandamuri clan will attend this meeting to prove their unit.

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