'Baadshah' Budget Bringing Sweat

It has been quite a while since the film ‘Baadshah’ is on the floors and this is being made on a very ambitious note. As a result, reports are now arriving that the budget for the film is overshooting and this is bringing a lot of sweat to producer Bandla Ganesh. This seems to have become a trend.

‘Damarukam’ is reportedly made at a budget of Rs 50 crores. ‘Magadheera’ was made at Rs 40 crores. However, the inside talk is that the target of the makers is to surpass the budget of ‘Magadheera’ and this is bringing a little concern to the producer’s camp.

As such, the cine folks say budget may not be much of an issue to Bandla Ganesh owing to the fund reserves his ‘sources’ have. The point is, ‘Baadshah’ should not end up like ‘Damarukam’ having issues of release. There will be no greater insult than that.