Baadshah Producer Mad for Blockbuster

Needless to say that Tollywood is purely based on box-office numbers, hits, super hits, mega hits and blockbusters. And of course, all the producers who invest their money expect their film to turn into a hit and rake in moolah which is not a sin.

But one Telugu producer is going berserk and crossing all the limitations. Apparently, what we learnt is that it is his craze or mad or obsession for Blockbuster. He is none other than Bandla Ganesh. Actor-turned-producer Bandla Ganesh, who bagged a blockbuster with Pawan Kalyan-starrer 'Gabbar Singh', is apparently obsessed with the term blockbuster.

Director Harish Shankar, who is close to Ganesh, revealed it during the Hexa Platinum Disc function of 'Baadshah'. "Ganesh has very craze for Blockbuster. Whenever I call him early in the morning and enquire about his breakfast, he replies that he just had Blockbuster Idly. If again ask whether he had tea? Pat comes reply from Ganesh that he had Blockbuster tea. He is very passionate about film's success." Even director of the film Srinu Vytla confirmed that Harish Shankar was correct about Bandla Ganesh and it is not exaggeration.Ganesh himself admitted that he pressurized writers Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan for 'Blockbuster' story and also director Srinu Vytla for 'Blockbuster' film.

Mr Ganesh, one thing you should know is film industry is a creative field where one should be professional and one doesn't get blockbusters by repeatedly asking for it!Let's see how 'Baadshah' works at box-office.