First Talk On 'Baadshah' Title Song

To shock Nandamuri fans, the makers of 'Baadshah' have released audio teasers the other day and there is only one word to describe it. Euphoria!

With audio launch just one day ahead, producer Bandla Ganesh wanted to give some quick treat to fans of Young Tiger it seems. An audio teaser featuring a part of 'Baadshah' title song is released and the response is amazing. Many say that the background theme scored by Thaman is fantastic for the kind of energy it is pushing into the song. Also the lyrics that read like 'Bari lona sikander ee baadshah' are just spine chilling. But we cannot really judge the whole song by listening to 20 seconds bit, otherwise, this title song is pulsating and adrenaline rushing.

Baadshah's music director Thaman is once again proving that he is a king when it comes to scoring background music for star-heroes. If he can hold the same for songs too, then this album is going to be the best of this summer.