‘Baadshah’ gains from ‘Shadow’

The time is fast approaching for the most talked about film ‘Baadshah’ to hit the screens on April 5th. The expectations are huge and Junior NTR fans are doing everything they can to ensure this will become a big blockbuster. Generally, when such big films arrive care is taken that other big films are not around.

But for ‘Baadshah’ there was a possibility of competition from the other big film ‘Shadow’. According to reports, the film is due for release on April 11th, if that be the case then ‘Baadshah’ might face some problem. But inside reports say ‘Shadow’ has not come out that well and it will fare poorly.

There is another news that the makers have also been looking at April 19th as the other release date just to give space to ‘Baadshah’. Either ways, it looks like ‘Baadshah’ is on a safe ground and it won’t be affected with the Venkatesh starrer. But if it gets an extraordinary talk then ‘Baadshah’ will become a threat to ‘Shadow’ for sure.