Director's Research On Dances For NTR

There is one director in Tollywood at the moment, who focuses a lot on the body language of Hero before preparing script and dialogues. He is none other than Harish Shankar and his next film is with Young Tiger NTR. We heard that this director is also preparing dance moves for NTR.

Director Harish Shankar stated the other day that his film will be fresh in all aspect with a refreshing script. He says that both in dialogues and dances as well, this movie is going to rock. As a director, talking about dialogues is quite natural but the way he stressed on dances is something we should notice. Some sources are saying that Harish has researched on You Tube for some extraordinary dance moves done by dancers around the world and is trying to get some of them from NTR in the upcoming movie. Well, even fans have not seen magical moves of NTR on dance floor since 'Yama Donga' and if he gets ready to give them a treat, they are ready to give him a blockbuster.

Looks like Harish Shankar knows quite well about creating hype for his movies and the way he is revealing titbits about NTR's movie is really gripping. Before moving to this flick, wait for 'Baadshah'!