Differences between NTR , Balayya at Vijayawada

The volatile political situation in the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) believed to have brought differences between Nandamuri Bala Krishna and Jr. NTR which broke out when NTR came here to participate in Malabar Gold shop opening today in Vijayawada.

Sources say, Balayya believed to have called all the important leaders of the party and instructed them not to associate with the programme of the Junior as it is a private program, thus TDP cadres to boycott the programme , even Vallabhaneni Vamsi close associate of NTR also kept away from the programme.

NTR reached Gannavaram airport at 8:10 am and he was supposed to reach the Vijyawada shopping mall opening by 9 am as its was just 18 km away from airport but due to heavy crowd it took him almost 4 hours as his fans especially NTR Jayadev fans took bike rally about 400 motorcycles and people liked to see NTR through the streets making his journey delayed. Huge number of vizag fans also reached vijayawada to see NTR.

Meanwhile, When a singer started to sing Orange film song , NTR fans stopped him, With huge turnout, the event was successful.