Dil Raju aims to shoot Mahesh Babu from NTR shoulders

Dil Raju who produced Mahesh Babuísí Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Cheettuí released the movie under pressure of Mahesh Babu with just 2 days gap of Naayak release for sankranthi

SVSC boxoffice prospectus were badly effected by Naayak, leading to deficits for Dil Raju and Raju has decided to teach a lesson to Mahesh for his next film under Sukummarís direction which is produced by 14 Reels Entertainments and Mahesh also does have share in it.

As per the reliable sources that Producer Dil Raju locked the release date for NTR and Harsih Shankar combination as August 9th will falls on Mahesh Babuís birthday and also his movie release date.

Interestingly Mahesh Babu has to prove for second time with a young hero , Meanwhile NTR is excited to take on Mahesh as his counterpart Ramcharan also gave a touch competition to Mahesh Babu with Naayak.