Directors Playing With Jr NTR's Age

Telugu directors always write scripts according the image of the star hero they are going to work with. But one hero is getting a different attention from our directors as they are playing with his age.

During his entry days, Young Tiger NTR did larger than life roles all the time and most of the time the characters got no relevance for his age. Say it Rajamouli or Vinayak, both portrayed him in a particular faction highlighting the mass aspect of this hero. Film like Aadi, Simhadri and Andhrawala will show this young hero in hardcore roles. Later NTR did films like Yamadonga and Brindavanam, which are some extent a matching to his age. And now in Harish Shankar's movie, NTR will be seen as a college going student, almost 8 years less than his age.

Simply saying, when he is in tender age they gave him more matured roles and when he is ageing he is getting younger-aged roles. One wil not understand why our directors are doing this to him. However, one should appreciate the talent of Jr NTR for portraying any role with ease irrespective of his real age and reel age.