Fake Stories And Titles Boring Jr.NTR

After 'MLA' and 'Jana Gana Mana', it happens to be 'Pandaga Chesko' now. After a don-story, it happens to be a detective story now. Guess how bored Jr NTR and his team will be after listening to this stuff.

The craze surrounding two upcoming projects of Young Tiger Jr NTR is giving restless nights to creators. They are busy giving different titles to Harish Shankar's movie and chalking down new story lines of Sreenu Vytla's 'Baadshah'. Every other day a new title is being heard regarding Harish's movie. The director has condemned that even 'Pandaga Chesko' is not their title and confirmed that they will reveal the actual after the release of 'Baadshah'.

Coming to 'Baadshah', gossips read that Jr NTR happens to be a detective in the movie who is hired by Navdeep to find out the background of Kajal. But when Kajal's parents plans her marriage with Siddharth, the real trouble starts. Kajal runs for Junior and Navadeep starts chasing both. But sources revealed that this got no connection with the actual 'Baadshah' they are filming.