Flex Issue: NTR Jr. follows Chiranjeevi

Media circles are making a big hue and cry over YSRC party members putting up banners and flexes of NTR. With NTR's close aide Kodali Nani joining YSR Congress Party, Nani followers, who are also Jr. NTR die hard fans have now moved away from Telugu Desam Party. However, their admiration and love for NTR remains the same and they are putting up banners of NTR under the name of Nani and YSRC party.

Despite many stories aired on this development NTR Junior didn't bother to react at all. He is simply ignoring his fans acts as well as media reports. His silence is confusing media circles and they are trying to make this a big sensation. But logically speaking this is just senseless reporting as politics and cinema are completely different. A hero will have fans from all the parties irrespective of whom he supports. We have seen the same happen for Chiranjeevi during 2004 elections in Vijayawada.

Chiranjeevi openly supported his friend and TDP candidate Aswini Dutt and also canvassed for him in Vijayawada. However Congress party candidate too used Chiranjeevi's photos during that election. Chiranjeevi neither objected nor reacted to it. He remained silent and media then is not this sensation-hungry that it didn't become a big issue. NTR too is following Chiranjeevi in this. He has the right to remain silent as he needn't react to everything that happens around him.