Jr NTR Bowled Out By 'Apology'

A big bird sitting inside the nest of Jr NTR has revealed some important stuff to his close circles a couple of days. Sources revealed that there is nothing anyone can do except believing in that. Check this out.

Sometime back a special story in a media on Jr NTR and his secret-politics to grab CM chair created chaos in the Nandamuri fan base. The story confirmed that there are rifts in N Family and Junior wants to show his stamina to cash on the gaps. The 10 minute program blatantly accused Junior in a derogatory method. Many people are shocked as to why no one from Nandamuri family responded over this. However the big bird revealed that Junior is completely cooled down by a simple 'apology' and hence no one is talking on that.

'The person who created that hatred campaign on Jr NTR in a hurried way has issued an apology to the star-hero soon after the issue was brought to the notice of big-wigs of Nandamuri family', our source revealed.

Maybe Junior got bowled out by the apology, but fans are eagerly waiting to know that person venting fumes on their heartthrob hero in this way.