Jr NTR with Deceased Fan Raju

We are aware that Raju, a diehard fan of NTR, died because of the stampede at the audio launch of Baadshah. Here is the photo moment of the 22-year-old youth with his matinee idol. He came all the way from Warangal to Hyderabad for the audio launch and stood before the venue entrance for hours to see the gates open, but hardly did he realize his enthusiasm will cost his life.

Fans shower unconditional admiration towards their favourite stars and always wishes to see them on top. They go to any extent to get a glimpse of these actors, even risking their lives on few occasions. The incident at the recent audio function is a best example.

Wish the stars too care as much for their fans to put an end to such untoward incidents. It's high time to rethink and the top heroes need to alter their 'popularity' mindset at least now.