Kona Venkat blames cops for NTR fan death

Reason behind death of NTR die hard fans Raju of warangal is revealed by writer Kona Venkat.

Kona who was at spot when the incident took place shared that, Very very unfortunate that an hardcore Jr Ntr fan died today due to the over action of some cops.. I was an eye witness of their arrogance…My heart felt condolences to the family.. Never seen Tarak so upset.. He meant every word he spoke.. May his soul rest in peace..Sreenu Vaitla was genuinely moved by the incident.. He had become very emotional., from whatever I know of him he is very soft hearted….My bro Bandla Ganesh was very genuine in his reaction.. He should not be blamed for the incident.. Few over acting cops were responsible. ….There is video footage of the incident.. Police lathi charge was the reason for the stampede.. If they don’t erase it truth would come out….I’m prepared to come to any court as an eyewitness and disclose the names of those arrogant cops who are responsible for this incident..

Kona is 100% right , Police overaction always spoils peace !.