Jr.NTR effect : Mahanadu turns Flopnadu

Telugu Desam partyís prestigious Mahanadu event became a flop show on its second and the final day of the event.

Telugu Desam cadre actively participated in the meeting on the day one , the entire Gandipet hamlet reverberated with slogans of Jai Telugu Desam and shined with yellow flags, buntings, cut out flexis and hoardings, besides huge arches. But with Jr.NTRís comments at NTR Ghat that he has not received the invitation lead to confusion among young cadre and most of them left the meeting without informing.

Even Balakrishnaís speech did not charge them, Most of them were excepting NTR arrival to the meet at least on day two. But, they were completely disappointed with TDP top leaders decision to avoid Jr.NTR by not sending him invitation.

Interestingly, Chandra Babuís concluding speech on day two witnessed empty chairs, but Babu continued his speech looking at those empty chairs.

Overall , Mahanadu opening is good , but closing is a flop show.