Jr.NTR-Bunny Multi Starrer Vs AP

As these two star heroes are seen in one frame due to their Spain shooting schedules at same time, Tollywood is now hugely speculating about a possible multi-starrer. Let’s read a pep talk about this development.

Some say that director Puri Jagan has convinced both Junior NTR and Allu Arjun to do a multi-starrer in the near future. Also, he is heard promising a proper commercial story with equal importance for them. But what is more important for the flick to happen is the ‘Attitude Problem’. Better if we can switch to ace producer Dil Raju’s words at this moment. ‘More than making a multi-starrer film, what is important is to handle egos and attitudes of our heroes. It is not that smooth to handle star-heroes’, said Dil Raju during SVSC times.

As both Mahesh and Venkatesh co-operated well, that flick happened with ease. Also one of them is a super star of young generation, while other senior hero is reaching climax. But that is not the case with Jr NTR and Bunny. Both are stars with super stardom and long career to go. So, only if they don’t have ‘Attitude Problem’, this flick will happen!