NTR,Ganesh donates 5 lakhs each to Raju’s family

As promised in Baadshah audio function, NTR and Bandla Ganesh gave Rs.5 lakhs each to the family of Raju, who died yesterday at the audio function of ‘Baadshah’.

Hero NTR and Producer Bandla Ganesh kept their promises and handed over 5 Lakhs each to the family of Raju, who was killed in the stampeded at the Baadshah Audio Launch venue. The cheques were handed over to Eshwaramma, the mother of Raju.NTR announced that he would stand by the family in future, when needed. this gesture from NTR and Bandla Ganesh is praiseworthy and will help the family in times of need.

Meanwhile, the bouncers who provided security at the venue and the police officials are facing irk from public for being extremely rude and unprofessional. The bouncers and police personnel behaved very rudely with media members also, despite the official identity cards and the appropriate access passes.