Jr NTR's Satire On Dil Raju

The whole of Tollywood is quite excited about all that belly bursting comedy in 'Baadshah'. But film industry is shell shocked to see one particular comic act in the movie which seems like a direct attack on this ace producer.

Apparently Jr NTR took dig at producer Dil Raju and hero Siddharth in one particular scene. He says that Siddu popularized coffee for girlfriends and Dil Raju popularized family backdrop for girls. Both these aspects are making boyfriends debt ridden as young boys are not able to fulfil these demands. What makes audiences go merry is Junior imitating Dil Raju by closing one eye and putting his trademark expression on face. But this act is shocking Film Nagar folks as to how a star hero like Jr NTR directly thrown a satire on Dil Raju and imitated him physically.

Insiders revealed that Dil Raju knows about this satire already and he himself encouraged Jr NTR to do that. In fact, Dil Raju is the distributor of 'Baadshah' for the whole of Nizam area.