What If NTR Scores Blockbuster?

Because of continuous flops, Young Tiger NTR is moving away from top spot. But one single hit can change things. NTR’s last movie ‘Baadshah’ was a highest grosser in his career but considering the budget, it was a flop. Now, the Young Tiger is presently working for Ramayya Vasthavayya in the direction of Harish Shankar.

Harish Shankar is in full swing post Gabbar Singh success. He makes films in short time and also with decent budget. Ramayya Vasthavayya is also being made with a budget less compared to Baadshah. It is heard that, Harish is putting maximum efforts to provide a big break to NTR.

Before the release of Gabbar Singh, Pawan was also suffering with flops. But that super success changed the fate of the actor. Hope, the same happens for NTR also. ther Nandamuri people are having thoughts to separate these two, few detractors are heard rubbing the stones to create some fire. You can separate earth and sky, but not sky and clouds.