NTR is a Pilla Kaki

Telugu News Channel NTV’s special Focus program with a title ‘Pilla Kaki’ telecast-ed today created a sensation in Tollywood industry , The channel spit venom on Young Tiger NTR targeting him personally from all corners and the language used by NTV is pretty worst and unprofessional.

Political Analysts say, NTV’s ‘Pilla Kaki’ program is just targeted to create crack in the Nandamuri family so that, It in-turn effects the TDP in the next elections and the party behind such a anti program is known by the tittle called ‘Pilla Congress’.

NTV Pilla Kaki program started with taking Sr. NTR name said, Jr. NTR has no resemblance with Sr. NTR, He is just using the Nandamuri family goodwill to market his films. Out of 21 films acted 3/4 films were utter flops at boxoffice and NTR forgot that remaining 4-5 films were successful are due to directors talent . He started thinking about him very superior, vapu ni chusi balupu anukuntunnadu !!

NTV criticised NTR for not taking names of Nandamuri clan in his audio functions saying , May be his small brain got injured or his tongue might got twisted . It also said NTR is projecting him as future CM from TDP by comparing himself with Anna Sr. NTR in a recent event held in Vijayawada , It accused that, NTR mobilised people & organised huge rally for a mere shop opening just to prove his strength.

Lastly It said, NTR has put pressure on Bandla Ganesh to give more number of audio launch passes than the capacity in the Baadshah audio launch which lead to death of fan in stampede.