NTR's Emotional Condolence For Fan

Jr NTR is completely upset by the death of his fan Raju from Warangal and even wrapped up the audio function of 'Baadshah' at a quick pace as he cannot control himself emotionally. Director Sreenu Vytla stated that it is not time for celebrations, when a hardcore fan lost his life.

With tear filled eyes NTR says that he is very happy when he came to the event, but he is quite upset and in deep sorrow after hearing about that unfortunate incident.

'I'm the only son to my mother and used to feel sad that I don't have any brothers or sisters. But god gave me brothers in the form of fans and the death of one such brother in an unfortunate incident is paining me severely', said Jr NTR.

Though the young hero tried to control his emotions, tears almost rolled in his eyes while saying these lines. 'I'm a heart in your fists and you are my heart in my fist', said Junior NTR before giving a big promise to take care of that family.

NTR called the brother of dead fan onto the stage and promised him in front of thousands, 'I'm their family's big son and I will take care of their family'. Producer Bandla Ganesh assured that he will hand over five lakh rupees to his family tomorrow morning and will take care of that family forever.

'If there are any mistakes from my side, please pardon me with a big heart' concluded Jr NTR. Hundreds of fans also turned emotional with these statements of NTR, Sreenu Vytla and Ganesh.