Nandamuri Image And Jr NTR

There are some inseparable things in Tollywood and one among them is the topic we are talking about. Of late, the disturbances, either internal or external, have given rise to new talks in a different way.

Latest buzz in Film Nagar says that young tiger Jr NTR is trying to distance himself from the Nandamuri image that stands like an aura around him. Let us see what this Nandamuri image, in terms of films is and what Junior has got to do with it. Like a universal truth, there was, is, and will be no alternative for legendary NTR and his acting penchant. But when it comes to his successor Balakrishna, things are quite different as he carved a special road map for himself in the direction of mass films. When every other hero resorted to varieties of experiments, Balayya dedicated his film career to what is actually liked by fans. That way he created huge impact in the name of 'Nandamuri' and turned it into a brand.

Later, Jr NTR entered film industry, and has risen to stardom not just with talent and opportunities, but with brand Nandamuri too. So it is more or less impossible to cut off this Nandamuri tag from his film streak. And, on the other hand, Jr NTR too has taken this brand to a new level with his hard work and dedication. So there is no point in talking about separating his aura and Nandamuri backdrop behind it.

Even though neither Jr NTR nor any other Nandamuri people are having thoughts to separate these two, few detractors are heard rubbing the stones to create some fire. You can separate earth and sky, but not sky and clouds.