National media’s Baadshah Ratings

The most waited big film of 2013 from Nandamuri’s ‘Baadshah’ shaking entire Andhra Pradesh with record collections, released in Telugu all over the world.

Now let us see what national media and other popular News Dailies in English say about this film.

Times Of India Rating 3/5
Baadshah, All in all it’s the sort of movie that offers some asinine entertainment whose USP is the utter predictability it offers-mundanely amusing !

Deccan Chorinicle Rating: 2.5/5
Jr.NTR impress, but the plot disappoints

Bangaloremirror Rating 3/5
Badshah: Not so (BAD)Shah, the movie has too many baddies. Result: confusion. If you are an NTR fan, this works for you. If you are not, it’s just one-time watch.

NDTV Rating : N/A
Baadshah would be a light movie to catch after a hard day’s work.

Sify Rating : 3.25/ 5
Baadshah definitely offers some entertainment. It has plenty of good comedy dialogues and Brahmanandam`s comedy episode is a major highlight. NTR looks damn good too. But sadly, apart from these, the movie goes more or less on Dookudu format, which gives the feeling of deja vu. Baadshah can be called an average movie.

Hindu Rating :N/A
Baadshah: Not a bad show, Don’t go expecting something new and don’t try to analyse and the film will entertain you, in parts

Postnoon Rating:3/5
Baadshah movie Treading familiar turf,It is a complete entertainer in which gags are aplenty but the film otherwise is quite predictable.

‘Baadshah’ is an absolute commercial entertainer. All in all, ‘Baadshah’ is a guide to learn the art of commercial entertaining film making.

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