Prabhas ,Mahesh, NTR in YSRCP flexi

After Sr.NTR, Youung Tiger Jr.NTR & Prince Mahesh Babu, Young rebel Prabhas is dragged into YSRCP flexi controversy .

A huge welcome banner on eve of Hanuman Jayanthi was installed in Balapur cross roads by YSRCP leader Palla Venkat Reddy in which late CM YSR, late CM NTR, Jagan, Jr.NTR, Mahesh Babu and Prabhas were seen together .

Political analysts say, In next elections , TDP has NTR to campaign, Congress have mega heroes for its support whereas none of the mass following heroes are likely to campaign for Jagan party, thus to satisfy its ego at the same time decrease the intensity or influence of Heroes, when the come for campaigning.

Earlier, At the time of Vijayawada flexi controversy , YSRCP on record said, some enthusiastic party workers who are fans of Nadamuri family might have installed the flexi and YSRCP has nothing to do with it and At the time of Khammam flexi controversy, they said, the YSRCP leader who installed Mahesh Babu & Jagan flexi is a fan of Mahesh Babu. But now, How can a YSRCP leader Palla Venkat Reddy be a fan of three heroes ?.

YSRCP understood that, noting is going to fetch for them using YSR or Jagan photo in next elections . Thus, they want to bank on popular stars to get back their deposits in next elections. But the fact is people became highly intelligent , they wont get temped-ed with these petty stuff.

On the flip side, YSRCP is afraid to touch mega heroes like Power star Pawan Kalyan or Mega Power star Ram Charan as they knew that things will be different if they even think of placing their photos along with Jagan.

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