Producer's Poor Marketing For NTR

Apparently there is a talk that producer Bandla Ganesh is unhappy with the sharp drop of Baadshah collections. But if we have to blame someone for that, first to stand in the line is none other than Ganesh only.

Jr NTR's latest movie Baadshah opened to terrific collections and packed crowds across the globe in the first week of April. For any movie collections will be slowing down once the hit talk gets diluted with the arrival of other movies. But producers should make sure that they will keep the flame alive by marketing it more. Many say that if Baadshah's new promos with NTR's dance steps and teasing comedy liners are aired, then audiences who have not seen the flick yet will be excited more. A fan says that Ganesh is not making use NTR's dance moves that are quite innovative in Baadshah. All this poor marketing will directly affect the collections of flick apart from other films grabbing theatres.

Also Bandla Ganesh went silent once the talk of Baadshah turned positive and Allu Arjun's Iddarammayilatho got postponed. At a time when fans are waiting for him to reveal true collection figures, it is really surprising to see an active chap like Ganesh going mum.

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