Sreenu Vaitla's Balancing Act

For a star director it is not just about coming up with good movies and scoring hits at the box office, it is also about ensuring that he has a good team of actors who will be willing to work with him everytime he makes a film. This is something director Sreenu Vaitla seems to be good at.

Apparently, he seems to have done a balancing act. In his latest offering ‘Baadshah’ Vaitla went ahead and gave the driving seat of comedy to Brahmanandam with M S Narayana having a lesser significant character. In his earlier release ‘Dookudu’ he did the same with M S Narayana while Brahmanandam had something less.

Those who know Vaitla say he loves comedians a lot and that too M S Narayana and Brahmi in particular. If one has to analyze, all of Vaitla’s films have worked completely due to the duo. ‘Dubai Seenu’ worked because of M S Narayana and the same with ‘Dookudu’. Brahmanandam did the magic in ‘Dhee’ ‘Ready’ and ‘Baadshah’. Keep up the balance Vaitla!