Tamil Rajamouli eyeing on NTR

There are comparisons and similarities in every film industry and in Tamil one director is named as Rajamouli bcoz of his 100 percent success track record at box office. And this director recent release bilingual film is roaring at Tollywood box office and with this confidence this director is eyeing to make his straight Telugu film with NTR.

Tamil Rajamouli we are refereeing here is director Hari, and he expressed his desire with media to work with NTR. Hari has gone a little bit further and said no other hero in Tollywood will suit to his mass film subjects like NTR. He further added in near future NTR will be ruling Indian film industry especially south India if he starts concentrating on bilingual films very soon.

Our Telugu heroes always had soft corner for Tamil directors and NTR is smart enough who will not leave a small opportunity to stand as NO 1 hero. Letís wish NTR get impress with Hari narration and give him a chance to direct his first bilingual movie.